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Photographer Jeffrey P Karnes specializes in bird, landscape, and fine art photography. Jeff is passionate about the conservation of wildlife and habitats that sustains them. In every photo, Jeff strives to capture the beauty and wonder of the wildlife that nature brings to our lives. His motto is “Live life with passion, see the beauty in all things, and share it with the world.”  Jeff’s photography has been published in several local publications and was voted one of the best bird photographers on Instagram by the National Audubon Society. His work has been exhibited in the Outer Banks, Fort Fisher, and Pine Knoll Shores Aquariums with a permanent display at Pine Knoll Shores. His photography has won many competitions, and he is a participating annual leader in the Wings Over Water Wildlife festival in the Outer Banks. Most of all, Jeff enjoys inspiring his students by teaching them how to broaden their photography skills, passion, and creativeness into becoming a better photographer. To join current workshops, please see the Workshop link. To see daily posts of new images follow him on Instagram: jeffreypkarnesphoto or Facebook: Jeffrey P Karnes Photography.



Jeff’s love of nature and photography started at a very early age on a summer trip along the pacific coast highway. Jeff was completely struck by the beauty of Monterey Bay, Redwoods National Park, and so many other countless amazing places. Using his father’s inexpensive Kodak camera, he started taking photos of every beautiful thing he saw. From that moment on, he has carried a camera wherever he goes! Jeff was raised in San Diego, California but moved to Wilmington, NC in 1999, where he has raised his family while taking advantage of the beauty the southeast has to offer.


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Jeffrey Patrick Karnes
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