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The Collared Aricari

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

The Collared Aracari is genuinely a fantastic bird. It feels like there’s almost something prehistoric about them. Did you know they do not migrate and will often live in the same tree their whole lives?

While on tour in Costa Rica, it is a thrill to see these Unique birds. It is so entertaining watching their behavior. Here are a few more interesting facts about them, Collared Aricari's eat fresh fruit and certain insects, eggs, and small lizards. They will often make their nests in holes made by woodpeckers, and they are the only known toucans to sleep in groups in trees.

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Jeffrey Patrick Karnes

Both sexes incubate the eggs for about 16 days, and the toucan chicks remain in the nest after hatching. They are blind and naked at birth and have short bills and specialized pads on their heels to protect them from the rough floor of the nest. They are fed by both parents, assisted by up to three other adults, probably from a previous brood, and fledge after about 6 weeks, with feeding by the adults continuing for several weeks after leaving the nest.



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